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Christian Gulliksen picked up his first camera three years ago, and immediately developed a great adoration for the medium. His focus mainly heads towards fashion and portraiture – which coincides with his dream of one day relocating to New York after graduation from RMIT.
At the present time he is seeking to obtain an extensive hands on work ethic in the field as this would greatly widen his industry knowledge and technical abilities as a photographer. He sees this as a crucial element in his growth within the photographic world
Inspired by photographers such as Steven Klein, Steven Meisel and Hedi Slimaine – Gulliksen states “They all have a unique and varied approach to their image making and all embody elements (both technically and aesthetically) that I would one day like to emulate in my own work”.
Gulliksen’s appreciation and desire to lean towards fashion photography is an ever-growing affinity in which he attributes to its ability to transcend just aesthetic qualities, and ultimately say a multitude of different things within an image.

Although this is quite different to his approach with portraiture, he prefers to see it as more of an exclusive and private pursuit that moves away from a commercial market.
He prefers to stick with medium format film and sees this as an equally important element to his work as the subject matter. “There is something magical and exciting about getting a roll of film back after development. And the feeling of seeing that one perfect frame is indescribable”. This is also seen in his choice of matte paper as opposed to glossy as he feels it creates a greater depth to the prints.